Welcome to Red Hawk.

I am seeking 20-25 qualified bowhunters to use our Low Light Peep Sight and give me honest feedback, both negative and positive.
If you like our product and are willing to promote it in a low key, positive manner we can probably come to an agreement.

Ideally, we are seeking bowhunters with 10 years or more bowhunting experience with at least 15 big game animals harvested of different types. (deer, elk, caribou, moose, turkey, African game)

Of course, not all of the above are required but 2 or three would be great.

Send me a resume', your mailing address and at least 2 photos and we can go from there.

We are a small Mom & Pop company that does not have a large budget. If you can help us grow, we will show our gratitude and loyalty to you for the future.

Thanks to all that apply and thanks and good luck to those who visited but decided to not participate.

You can also go HERE and fill out the form.
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