The Low Light Peep is the most amazing bowhunting peep sight !

bow hunting peep

Our Peep Sight  solves the problems while hunting under low light conditions.

Utilizing patented See-Thru™ technology, be ready to experience the "Greatest Peep Show On Earth"
The Red Hawk™ Low Light Peep Sight improves visibility, gives a bright, safe, field of view to identify your target and helps avoid pin confusion.

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The ability to see pins & game during "Prime Times"
Less chance of using the "wrong pin"
Wide field of view to see game
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Master Pro Peep Sight
All peep sights are pictured larger than life size
Benefits of using our Peep Sight
Lengthens Prime Time Hunting
14 Layer, Anti-Reflective Coated Lens
Sharp, Contrasting, Image Definition
Rain Won't Clog Peep Sight
Large, Safe, Field of View
1/8" Aiming Aperture
405" Amber Viewing Area
Prevents Pin Confusion
Quick Target Acquisition
#2020    $19.99
Low Light Peep Sight
Eliminates Pin Confusion
Sharp, Contrasting Image Definition
Increased Contrast in Low Light Levels
Patented See-Thru Technology
Lengthens Prime Time Hunting
FREE Peep Aligner Included
Pro Red Hawk Peep SIght
#4040         $19.99

Light Weight
Super Strong Construction
14 Layer, Anti-Reflective Coated Lens
3/8" Target Acquisition Aperture
1/8" Clear Aiming Area
The amber, high contrast lens has 14 layers of anti-reflective coatings to eliminate glare and reflections.
Bowhunting peep sight
Pro Red Hawk Peep Sight
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