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I’ll add to this section as I find more DIY’s.

Use the below formulas and or remedy’s at your own risk.

Hey, some of this stuff comes from the internet and others are ideas and recipes that have been in my family for a long time.

I don’t know about you but I really enjoy preparing for the hunt. That gives me a big dose of confidence when it’s time to head for the trees.

                         MAKE YOUR OWN LAUNDRY SOAP

1 cup Borax (20 Mule Team is perfect)
1 cup washing soda (not baking soda)
1 bar of Hunters Soap (Hunters Specialty)
   Use 1 ½ bars if you will feel better about it.
The Hunter’s Specialty soap is relatively expensive. When Wal-Mart starts marking it down late in the hunting season go in and buy 2-3 bars for next year.

For legal reasons I suggest you wear rubber gloves and eye protection.
Read here:
Washing Soda

Borax & Washing Soda are commonly used in commercial laundry products.

Grate the bar of soap into 1 gal boiling water stir until completely dissolved (this may take a while)
  I used a knife and cut it into slivers and then cut the slivers into smaller pieces.

Pour mixture into 5 gal bucket
Add 3 ½ gallons of hot water
Add borax & washing soda

Stir until well mixed

Wait 24 hrs (no cheating)

Now you will have 4 ½ gallons of a gel like soap.

You may want to experiment using between ½ cup and 1 cup per load.

This is a scent free, no brighteners added laundry soap.


This will be
65-90 loads of soap depending on the dilution you choose.

The real secret for clean clothes (this goes for commercial detergent also) is to add water to machine, add soap, let machine run for a few minutes to mix the soap well, add clothes, agitate for a few minutes, let sit for 20-30 minutes, then  start from the beginning of the wash cycle (don’t add any more water) and run the load as usual.

This is a bit of trouble but will ensure clean, scent free clothes.

Or, you can just run as normal. You will need the full 1 cup for this method.

This is an incredibly cheap formula that works as well as the expensive commercial detergents.

If you are going to use a commercial soap I suggest the Atsko Sports Wash.

IMO it’s the best of all the laundry products for bowhunters.

Use this formula at your own risk.

Hair & Body Wash

This one is easy and very cheap

1 bar of hunters soap

(you can use 1 ½ bars to be on the safe side)

Grate the bar and dissolve in 1 qt boiling water

Pour into a container/bowl/bottle you plan on using while in the shower

Or, 2, 16oz pump dispenser bottles

Or, 4, 8oz pump dispenser bottles

Do not completely fill bottles as you may want to add more water if the mixture is too thick.

Wait 24 hrs.

Now you have a quart (or more) of bowhunter’s hair and body soap

Of course there’s nothing wrong with using the bar soap itself                               

Insect Repellant

This is not for bowhunting

½ cup witch hazel
½ cup cider vinegar
5-10 drops eucalyptus oil

Put in 16 oz spray bottle

Shake well before use

Use witch hazel directly on mosquito bites for instant relief.
Also, spray anti-perspirant immediately relieves itching. Especially good for children.

How to Stop Chiggers from Itching

Take a nice hot shower

Apply Listerine mouth wash to chiggers.

That’s it….It has worked well for me.

Other solutions:
Full strength Witch Hazel on a cotton ball
The time honored application of fingernail polish (I prefer pink!!)
At the drug store “Chigger Rid” or maybe Chigga Rid”??
I’ve used kerosene but careful where you apply it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scent Killer Formula

     1.5 qt Hydrogen Peroxide (3% Formula) H202
You can buy this at your local grocery store or you can buy a concentrate from a swimming pool supply store or a beauty shop.
Just make sure that you dilute it to a 3% solution.
If you use the concentrate eye and hand protection would be a good idea. Also spilling the concentrate will ruin whatever it touches.
     2 qts distilled water
     ½ cup of baking soda
     1/4oz of unscented laundry detergent

     Mix in a large container
     Pour into an opaque (can’t see thru) 1 gal container.
     Leave uncapped for several days to let the gases produced to vent   off.
     Store the “big batch” in a dark place as hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) changes to  water when exposed to sunlight.
     Fill smaller opaque bottles to use in the field.
Oh yes, you can expect a white residue after using this recipe. It’s merely baking soda.
If we use hyd/oxi won't it bleach our camo and other gear? There may be some minor/insignificant bleaching. We are essentially using apprx 1% H2O2.
The 27% formula will damage most anything it comes into contact with.
What about Triclosan?
Triclosan has been determined (by some scientists) to be a hazardous material. I don’t want to spray that on my skin.

Good luck this year fellow bowhunters.

Unfortunately in today’s society I have to add the disclaimer:

Use the aforementioned/above formulas and or remedy’s at your own risk. These articles are for informational
purposes only.

Keep the wind in your face

Terry Whitford

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