Welcome to Melvin Wright
I am a Christian, husband, father, and hunter. I grew up rifle and shotgun hunting whitetails and small game in Kentucky. At age twelve, my older brothers introduced me to bow hunting and years later I proudly harvested my first buck, to say that I was hooked on bow hunting would be an understatement.
One specific time in the woods I was hunting Squirrel when I heard the loudest racket I could imagine. I counted around 40 Turkeys flying in the tree tops above me and I was hooked, Soon after I struggled to teach myself everything I could about hunting, I bought books and videos to learn how to turkey call and watched them until they were worn out.
Success was slow and places to hunt were tough to find. I am involved in making my own Wooden Pot, Box, and Diaphragm Turkey calls.
Bow hunting and calling Turkeys has become more than a hobby, for me it defines me. I share my love for the outdoors with others, creating some of the greatest friendships and taking me to some of the most spectacular places across Kentucky. The true blessing in this is that God has given me a wife two daughters and a son that are fast becoming accomplished hunters themselves to carry on the tradition.
Weapon of choice: Bowtech Patriot
Ideal weather conditions: Cool  and hazy.
Favorite prey: Wild Eastern Turkey and Whitetail Deer.
How many days in the field each season: 40-60 days.
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