Help Keep Your Feet Warm
The first step towards having warm feet in cold weather is to make sure that your head is as warm as possible !! Anytime your head becomes cold your body will pull heat from the other extremetries to ensure that the brain has enough warmth to properly function.

A nice wool "watch cap" with a heat pack on the top of your head will make a huge difference. A nice warm neck scarf/whatever in conjunction with a mock neck style under shirt to keep the blood warm as it passes through your neck will help also.
Next, keep your hands warm. A pair of split palm mittens or an ordinary pair of gloves with a handwarmer in each pocket is worth a Million $$$$$$$$'s on a cold windy day.

The real enemy is.........sweat.....

Let's get to the feet. Of course a nice heavy pair of boots (Mickey Mouse Boots) with a thick removable liner (an extra pr of liners is important too). You can tape on a handwarmer to the toe of each liner which will stay warm for a couple of hours. Make sure you use a thin strip of tape to let the packet "breathe". Remove the set of liners you wore for the morning hunt and inset the new liners for the evening hunt. This will ensure that you start out with a pair of warm, dry liners.

A pair of good wool socks with a polypropylene/Thermax undersock is a great combination. It important to note that your boots MUST NOT FIT TIGHTLY!!! Tight boots restrict blood circulation and eliminate air layers that keep your feet warm.

While walking to your stand remove your cap and carry your extra clothes instead of wearing them. If possible carry your warm boots and put everything on when you get closer to your stand.

Here's the best tip on this page...before putting on your undersocks spray your feet with an unscented anti-perspirant!!!!!!!!!

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