Creep Tuning for 2 Cam Bows
This is a simple test and method to have your 2 cam bow perform it's best when you are not at your best.
Start off with you bow tuned as good as possible (perfect?) with both of your cams perfectly timed or the best that you can determine.
When you are shooting your best you are probably pulling hard into the cams as you should be. It's when you are in an awkward position or begin to tire that you will run into the problem of unexplained high or low shots.
Put a one inch piece of masking tape (doesn't matter what kind of tape) on a piece of carboard and attach to the bale.
This can be done at any distance you desire. IMO the farther the better.
Shoot 3 shots pulled hard into the cam stops.
Creep forward 1/8th to 1/4th inch and shoot three more shots. Disregard any "flyers".
Follow the below instructions.
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