Well, here is the first activity!  I was fortunate enough to be named the 2012 North Carolina Bowhunter of the Year.  I've attached a photo.  I also shot my in my third ever competition at the Dixie Deer Classic in Raleigh and walked away with a 2nd place finish.  Not to bad to start the year off.  Now if I can get a couple of turkeys to cooperate in a few weeks I'll get some more photos over!

I'm planning on doing a video for Red Hawk as well but I'm waiting for the weather to warm up a bit. They are calling for the mid 60's this weekend so it may work out then.

[pic] Bill Howard (L) accepts the 2012 North Carolina Bowhunter of the Year award from Dennis McClure (R) of the North Carolina Bowhunters Association.
Bill Howard 3/4/13
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